Introduction to my blog

So it’s only right to give you all an introduction.

My name is Eleanor, yes my real name is Eleanor, what people know me as is a different name, I mean it’s not that different but it is short for Eleanor ( I’ll let you keep guessing) I’d rather keep this anon as there are certain people I would prefer to not know me like this. I know some people may be thinking, ‘well you’re willing to share with complete strangers so what’s the problem’ well the fact stands that when people are diagnosed with an mental illness they’re more likely to open up to councillors rather than their closest people like family or friends etc.. so there’s the problem, it’s hard to talk to people who are closest to you sometimes, and a lot of people will understand that. Don’t get me wrong though I have an amazing family, who I can completely and utterly talk to but sometimes it’s not enough.

So anyway back to my introduction, I am very excited to start this and I really hope you enjoy, I hope you can relate and maybe even learn something from it.

My first story/blog will be available to read by Tuesday the 14th. If you have any questions I am so open to answering them and any feedback would be very much appreciated. Happy Sunday everyone take care x